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Pharmaceutical company of NERCPW is located in shaanxi yangling national agricultural high tech demonstration zone. The registered capital is 25 million RMB. The company is engaged in medicine production and development of new medicine and modernization of Chinese medicine.
The Pharmaceutical company is subordinate of NERCPW(see appendix). With the strong technical strength and advanced test means based on NERCPW. The company is also development and research and utilize of nature medicine. The company set up a pharmaceutical plant of 4700M construction area .It conforms to GMP standards, the production capacity is 0.5 billion tablets, 0.2 billion capsule, 50 million grain. It has set up a nature medicine research institute, a chemical synthetic laboratory and a steroidal resources research institute. These are advanced test instruments such as: infrared spetrometer, utraviolet spetrometer, HPLC etc. that can guarantee production and research work.
These are a group of specialist: 3 professor, 3 Doctor, 3senior engineer, 4 vice professor. The 80% employee are graduated from collage.
1. Sole product: mixed nucleotide bark
nucleotide tablet
2. Vitamine
3. Antibacterial
4. Analgesic medicine
5. Plant medicine: anti- inflammation, antiviral, anticold
6. Steroid medicine: Hydrocortisone Acetate, prednisolone

Cooperate intent:

?1. Hope to develop new medicine or set up plant with technology, become sharehold or single invest in Cambodia, Viet Nam.

?2. Hope to invest and set up plant with mature engineer technology of phytochemitry to develop rich plant resources.


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