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China National Engineering Research Center for Phytochemistry (West)

??? NERCPCW is a National Engineering Research Center licensed by Chinese National Planning Administration with the file of PHT No(1998)2364.The Center is located in yangling Agricultural high-tech industries demonstration zone Task and direction of the engineering technology research
Main task:
??? a. Studing on whole set technology of scientific and economical production process,technical parameters,as well as equipment arrangement to separate,extract,synthesize and reform the chemical structure of plant avaliable components for industrialization.

??? b.Dealing with key technique and common subject existing in the development of phytochemistry industry and having not been resolved yet
Aims of the center
??? Identification technique on the component and structure of available plant compounds. Chemical structure reforming technique of plant component. Testing and quality controlling in the production process of phytochemical products. Utilization technique of microbe in phytochemistry engineering
Current research and development tasks on engineering technology
??? Extraction and separation technique on valuable plant compounds
??? Extraction techniques on yam sapogenin ,water soluble yam sapogenin and other valuable components of special plant resources in west china;optimum parameter and techniques of co2 Super fluid extraction for the production of powerful plant anti-oxidation material and other new extraction methods .
Structure reformation and organic synthesize technique for plant chemical component
??? Using trigonella sapagenin to synthesize 16-dehydio piegnenolone acetate ,progesterone,hydrocortisone,prosterone acetate and other steroid medical intermedia ,steroid medicine (for substitutive cure of women in menopause )
Modern engineering technology for chinese medicine
??? a. Studying on the technics of extraction and purification of herb dosage: Extraction and purification ,enzyme reaction .super fluid extraction ,strong immersion, new type of absorption and defecation,super speed centrifugation and film separation ,and dissolve leach technique;
??? b.Dosage forms and their manufacture art:Quick and/or slow react(release control) of reagent type, and desication and sterilization for manufacture art.
Ferment engineering technology research
?? a.Select efficaclous mono-merit microbe variety for different plants and plant components;
?? b.Woek over ferment art,common equipment and work parameters for phytostarch of yam,acorn and other plants;
?? c.Study on toxic material decomposition method in ferment,and confirm suitable reagents,amount,conditions and other parameters involved;
Other phytochemical production techniques
??? Including multifunction solvent reclaming system.common equipment and its work parameters,sewage disposal system of the center, decomposition of toxic matter,and reclamation of heavy metal.
Hardware for industry engineering research
??? Research and test center of phytochemistry Engineering technology
??? Senior multifunction experimental work shop for extraction of plant available components
??? Senior experimental workshop for half-synthesizing of nature compounts
??? Senior experimental workshop for the production of tablet and capsule which accord with GMP standard
? Research results of the center
??? Monomer of plant available component
??? Half-synthetic compound of plant available component
??? Healthy plant products
??? Steroid medicine and healthy products and corresponding technique

???? Address: ?

??????????? New District of YangLing Agricultural high-tech industries? demonstration? zone

??????????? YangLing , ShaanXi, China

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